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Managed 365 Terms of Service

Cedita offer a Microsoft® Office 365® Management Service free of charge to customers who add Cedita as their Partner of Record. All actions taken by Cedita are subject to a 48 Hour Initial Reponse SLA, and actions are only available to be taken via raising a Case within the Cedita Portal - no other forms of action requests are permitted under this service.

Actions available under Managed 365 Service:

  • Additions / Removals / Modifications of User Accounts
  • Configuration of Shared Mailboxes, Groups and Teams
  • E-Mail Forensics including Message Tracing
  • Assistance with:
    • Configuring Out of Office Auto Responses
    • Creating Outlook Rules for automating tasks
  • Initial Domain Setup & Configuration (Where either Cedita manages your domain or full access is provided)

Important Legal Notices

Cedita's Managed 365 Terms of Service are seperate and do not replace, amend, or supercede any terms of which you agreed to directly with Microsoft with regards to the provision of the Office 365 Service. In any occassion where Cedita's Terms may conflict with Microsoft's terms, Microsoft's terms will take precedence.